Thursday, July 14, 2011

Favorite Apps

Meet my new favorite iPhone app:

Ringtone Converter is a free app that allows you to convert 30 seconds of any song into a ringtone.  It's VERY easy, too!  You just need to import the converted file into iTunes.  Once it's there, you synch the phone to your computer and the ringtones appear with other standard ones!  Very simple.

Now when Bruce calls me James Taylor, Copperline plays.  Be still my heart!

I'm currently taking requests for ringtones, FYI. :) What do you think I should make as my church ringtone?!

While I played with ringtones, Bruce started on dinner:

He had the grill fired up, so I went out to the garden to pick some lettuce and onions.  I sliced some pickles and we had some delicious burger fixin's!

Bruce and I were out in the garden this afternoon and realized we haven't bought lettuce in WEEKS!  Now that the cucumbers and tomatoes are coming in, we shouldn't need to buy any produce for awhile.  Hooray!

Fresh cucumbers on the side:

I think I'm feeling a walk coming on ...

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