Tuesday, July 12, 2011


When Bruce and I moved to Rehoboth, one of the first things he did was get a little container for the kitchen so we could compost.  We throw compostable (I'm not sure if that is a word?) trash in the container and when it is full he would throw it in a designated area off of the yard.  The goal was to create great soil that could be used in the garden in the seasons to come.

Most people that have composts have a composter that they use - it contains the compost and you have easier access to the soil.  A composter was something that we wanted to buy, but didn't have in the budget yet (setting up a house is expensive!).  When my Aunt Coni and Uncle Mark were here last week Coni asked where we were keeping the compost and we said that it was just open for the time being.

This showed up yesterday.  A Keter 115-gallon capacity Super Composter.  This thing is really cool - you open the top and put the compost in, the soil sinks to the bottom as it forms and then you lift up the compartments on the bottom and pull the soil out.

Bruce had it up and running in no time.  He put it right next to the garden so the new soil will be easy to till in.

Thank you Coni and Mark!  I cannot wait to see how the garden continues to grow now that we have the tools to create great soil.

Speaking of growth ...


If Bruce didn't already have a grill dinner planned, I would have picked it on the spot and done salads for dinner.  But I can be patient and wait until tomorrow.

I think.


Does anybody else compost?


  1. I give you props for making some good meals. I plan stuff to make after work, but frequently get home and either don't feel like taking the time to cook said meal, or am not feeling hungry for that. NOT good for the budget or the belly. Any advice?

  2. I compost but not exactly in that form. I more of less just throw scraps under the bushes and they act as a fertiziler of sorts. Whatever works :)


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