Sunday, July 24, 2011

Breaking More Bread

Happy Birthday to my little princess!

Gabriella Diem Miko, it has been so much fun to watch you grow over the years.  It seems like it was only a year or so ago that we were (im)patiently awaiting your Mom, Dada, Aunt Mina and Aunt Jennifer to come home from Vietnam with you when you were only four months old.  Bethany and I were so excited to finally have a cousin on that side of the family!  And it seems like just yesterday that we were seeing Disney through the eyes of child - you are growing so fast!

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl! I cannot believe you are ten!  Love, Sarah


We were breaking bread again tonight and had so much fun!  There are a lot of extended families in our church and dinner tonight was with one them.  Some of them live right down the street from us!

I don't normally post photos on here of church members, but this one had parental permission. :) Are these two boys not the cutest?  Talk about ENERGY!  I would like to bottle some of that up, please!

We had an All American BBQ Feast!  Deviled Eggs ... 

Fresh Fruit ... 

Pasta Salad (which I'd like the recipe for) ... 

Corn On The Cob!  First of the season!

My plate:

Oh - and Baked Beans!  I guess I didn't get a picture of those.  Looking at these pictures is making me hungry again ... 

Oh myyyyyyy.


It has been a really crazy emotional day, but I am closing it out by feeling incredibly blessed.  Life really is full of the unexpected and the best we can do to navigate the craziness is to just give thanks for everything that we have.  And so tonight I will close by saying that I am thankful for my family, my friends, my church and every single person who pops in and reads my blog.  You all bring balance to my life.  xoxo


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  1. Oh that food looks so amazing! You are making me hungry!


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