Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Catch Up

Catching up on weekend posts?
Busy weekend!

I never do this, but I stopped at Dunkin Donuts this morning to grab a bagel and coffee.  I added my own peanut butter - and look! CREAM in my coffee! Look at me, trying to cut down on the acid.

I'm playing catchup at my office - trying to get out by noon so I can go hang out with my dad and Bruce!  But I wanted to show you a better picture of my accent wall first ... 

I love it!

I printed some of my black and white photos and put them in white frames - it really pops on the blue!

I'm off to finish my newsletter article!


  1. Your office looks amazing- so welcoming!

  2. Your office is beautiful and looks so calm and welcoming! Love it!

  3. Love your accent wall with white frames. LOVE IT!
    And I'm in dying need of some patio furniture. I'm sure you're going to use your a ton :-)

  4. oh, that color! how i love it! and of course your framed pictures are neat, too! : )


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