Saturday, June 25, 2011

Outdoor Dining


I continue to be amazed at my sweet husband's handiness ...

I'll spare you the boring details about our simple-trip-to-Home-Depot-turned-three-hour-drive-around-to-two-different-Benny's and just say that we finally have a grill and cannot wait to fire it up tomorrow!

Getting the grill today was perfect timing - one of our church members had some extra patio furniture and offered it to us!  It's beautiful!

I love these citronella lamps.  My mother-in-law bought them for us last time we were in Pennsylvania.  Two of them are posted on rods and one sits on the table.

The other table and two chairs that we had are not going to go to waste, either ...

We are going to have a little oasis in our yard, complete with a fire pit that we are going to build with the stones that we pulled from the garden!  But that's still on our to-do list ...

Sorry to keep this so short, my sermon isn't done yet!  Argh.

In the meantime - has anyone ever built a fire pit?


  1. We have a good friend who just built an amazing firepit! I'll pass on his e-mail if you'd like it. Send me your e-mail and I'll send a picture.

  2. Great patio furniture, i like also citronella lamps.. nice post..

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