Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Cats, Busy Days & Italian Food

There is a chance I'm becoming a crazy cat lady.

But seriously, how cute it she?

When she gives me this look I always wonder what kind of trouble she is getting herself into.

Anyway, how was your day?  Mine was insanely busy, but also insanely productive.  And it was Wear A Dress Tuesday, so who's complaining?

I was doing some work with a church member over dinner tonight and I thought it would be fun for me to cook at home.

I started with fresh greens from the garden ...

... and added onions, radishes, some tomatoes that I bought at the grocery store and almonds I had in the pantry. I <3 garden salads!

My house was still so hot from the afternoon sun when I turned the stove on, but it was SO worth it!  Spaghetti & Meatballs totally hit the spot.

That's amore!



  1. oh Sarah, I have 6 little cats and 2 big ones right now, and I SO feel like the cat lady. I can't wait to get rid of the little ones. They are SO cute, but they can't stay.

  2. Great food -- and CUTE kitties! Thought you might appreciate my new post too: http://tenacioustruth.blogspot.com/2011/06/how-couples-cope-intro-vs-extro-inny-vs.html

  3. kittie! she is pretty. your earrings were neat. uhh... all your food looks DELICIOUS! love the list. i think i'm commenting on like 4 posts all at once. LOL

    what else? goodness! glad you made it into your house safely! might need to start hiding a key in the trees or something... ; )


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