Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Light 'n Fit Tuna Salad

Mmm - I love fresh salads!

We've been trying to stock up on pantry items (canned foods, frozen foods, etc.) that I can use in salads.  I came up with something delicious today!

Light 'n Fit Tuna Salad

Dark Romaine Lettuce
Whole Grain Rice (served warm)
Kidney Beans, rinsed (served cold)
Peas (served cold)
Tuna + (a small amount) Olive Oil Mayo
Sea Salt + Pepper

My goodness - this was amazing!  It's been so great to keep non-perishable salad fixin's at home - it's like having a salad bar in my house!


And for those who are curious - here are some recent garden pictures!

The potatoes ...

Brussels Sprouts (can't wait to roast those!) ...

Radishes ...

Peas ...


We're under a tornado watch - be safe everyone!


  1. Wow, your garden is looking awesome, Sarah! I'm so impressed with Bruce's handywork. :-)

  2. Tuna makes the best salad topper. Your dish looks incredible!


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