Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'll Be Your Candle On The Water

Thanks for all of the sweet comments and response to the article about me in the Sun Chronicle.  I can't get over what a nice job Laura did.  And welcome to anyone who may have found their way here because of the article!

Bruce and my mom and sister and I decided to venture out for one more adventure before my mom and sister headed home.  We headed down to Point Judith to check out the Rhode Island beaches.

It was an absolute PERFECT day to be meandering the beach.  Not too hot, not to cold, not too windy, not to still, etc. etc. etc.

A lot of the part that we walked was very rocky, but we did eventually find a sandy beach a little south of here.

We had lunch at Aunt Carries, which was a simple beach-town seafood restaurant.  Lots of seafood, but something for everybody.

BLT for me - although I've been willing to try Bruce's seafood lately.


Beach walking and picture taking commenced after lunch.  I took a ton of pictures but I'm finishing my sermon and don't have time to go through them all at the moment - tomorrow!



  1. Sarah, congratulations on the lovely article in the newspaper! It was so nice to read it and learn a little bit more about my bloggy buddy! The church is lucky to have you, and I know they will continue to be blessed by your enthusiasm and love for God & life!

  2. Hey, Aunt Carrie's is the PERFECT name for a restaurant, if I do say so myself. ; ) I need to gather my nieces & nephews & take them all on a field trip there!!


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