Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hat's Off!

Look what came today!

Can you see what's written on my hat?

They are so retro and I love them.  A big thanks to Steve for taking care of the order!  Rehoboth folks - you will be able to get them on Sunday if you'd like!


I am trying not to complain about the heat, but y'all it's hot right now!  I don't even want to be upstairs, let alone turn anything on in my kitchen ...

Yogurt + Granola was about all I could think about wanting to eat tonight.

The orange I picked was SOUR!

I have been cleaning all night - how does my house get so messy?! There are only two of us!


  1. Haha, how does the house get so messy with only two people is a great question. When you find the answer let me know. Also, I LOVE your blog. I follow and check everyday :)

  2. My house is an utter mess at the moment- and it's only the two of us here, as well!


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