Friday, June 3, 2011

Get A Grip

No, not that type of grip ...

A grip for your camera!

The other day I ordered something for my camera that I have had my eye on for awhile, a Canon BG-E5 Equiv Battery Grip.  The cool thing about this grip is that it holds two batteries, which gives you twice as much battery life and power (a big plus when traveling or photographing big events).  The grip itself also does what it says - it gives you a better grip on the camera.  Bruce and I both agreed that the camera feels steadier in our hands - even with the long lens on it!

The directions made it seem more complicated to put on than it really was!

The first photo I snapped with it!


Here is what it looks like on the camera ...

The grip I bought (the one I linked to on has control buttons on it that you can turn on and off.  There is one for the actual shutter, a crank for the shutter speed, buttons to zoom in and out and an AV.

It makes vertical shooting so easy!

My first lunch photoshoot with the batter grip!

I heated up a casserole that Bruce made a few days ago (that I need to post the recipe for!) and a romaine salad with almonds and ranch dressing.

If you have an dSLR camera, I would strongly recommend buying a grip! I love mine already!


  1. How much was the grip?

    I think I'll save for an upgrade before I buy too many accessories. :)

  2. Interesting! I am visiting from 20sb and had no idea what a battery grip is, so I stopped by to check it out. Learned something new.


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