Saturday, June 4, 2011

Free Fish Day

I had so much fun fishing with Bruce today!

Thank you to John and Deb Woodard for letting us borrow their canoe!  Doesn't the Yaris look like it was made to have a boat on top of it?

Let's get this show on the road!

The reservoir was beautiful today!  The wind was a little bit strong, which made for some difficult fishing conditions (apparently - what do I know about good fishing conditions?).  I didn't catch anything, but I was way more interested in taking pictures, daydreaming and soaking up the beautiful day!

This was the pickerel that Bruce caught.  This thing was MEAN!  It literally growled as Bruce was bringing it in.  It was kind of fun to watch Bruce interact with the fish - he was really patient with them and careful that they weren't in distress.


We were getting ready to leave when Bruce decided to throw a few more casts with his fly rod ... 

And landed this.


I had so much fun!  I'm a little sunburned (you can literally see the line where I missed sunblock, whoops!) and tired, but I feel completely and totally relaxed.

Time to finish my sermon!


  1. beautiful pictures & looks like you had a fun time!! : )

  2. Great photos! Your pictures makes fishing very "unboring". lol

    I remember our bad sunburns just this summer. My friend slept under a post. So she has a weird stripe across her body

    Checking in from 20SB :D

  3. Your Yaris matches your car! Very cute and fantastic photos. I love the quality. Love the lilies.

  4. Very good photos, but I will have to admit that when I first saw the first one, for a split second I thought your car had a mohawk. : )


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