Friday, May 20, 2011

When The Sun Shines The World Smiles

Lilly says "Rarr!"

Or she says, "The sun is out and it's time for a nap."  You choose!


I had an absolutely glorious day off.  The sun came out and I couldn't help but be in a good mood!

I actually did a lot of work on my sermon.  This week's text is a little bit tricky and required a lot of research (I took this photo in the office yesterday).  Because I'll be at a conference most of the day tomorrow I wanted to get through as much of it today as possible.  I'm almost done!  I really don't mind working on my day off when I get to do it in front of Buffy reruns. :)

Bruce worked around the house for most of the morning and then headed out to go fishing.  On his way out he said, "Work on your sermon while I'm gone so you're free tonight - I want to take my wife out on a date!"  He's sweet.

We decided on TGIFridays - just wanted something simple!  We started with chips & salsa (free with their new rewards program!) ...

... and ordered the largest plate of nachos I have ever seen in my entire life!

I ordered the California Club, which was absolutely huuuuuge.  I took an entire half home and left a couple of bites of the other half!

Now I'm home going through my email and thinking through my children's sermon.  And enjoying a tiny bit of ice cream and some vanilla tea!

Anyone have any fun plans for tomorrow?


  1. The only plans I have are to be outside.

  2. Love having Buffy-a-thons! : ) That sandwich looks nummy. Good date choice!!


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