Sunday, May 22, 2011

To Grill Or Not To Grill

How do you make pizza better than it already is?

You grill it!

Bruce and I had dinner with some wonderful church members this evening.  Olwen stopped by the office a few weeks ago and was telling me that her son Tim is a culinary school graduate and they thought it would be fun to have a night with good food and friendship.

I couldn't agree more!  Tim works with wine full time and had plenty to test.  Bruce tried a few, but I stuck to red - what can I say?  I'm a creature of habit.  I really enjoyed the flavor of it of the pinot noir.  Very smooth and a lot of flavor - but not too much.

Time did two different kinds of pizza.  I was amazed at the flavor that comes out of the crust when it's cooked on the grill.

He talked me through the process of making the tomato sauce - which was a lot simpler than I always thought it would be.

One of the pizzas was topped with a bacon / onion / cheese (that I can't remember the name of, but was so good!) / sauce.  There was so much flavor in that one!

(The crust - fresh off the grill!)

The other pizza was topped with a freshly made Chicken Caesar Salad - it was incredible!  I loved having the greens directly ON the pizza - definitely something I will be trying again.

The potatoes were roasted and glazed in sauce made with Greek Yogurt, cilantro, lemons, salt and pepper (and possibly something that I'm missing).

Tim asked me which pizza I preferred, and I honestly couldn't decide!  I liked different parts of both pizzas.

What a fun night!  Thank you Olwen and Tim for the hospitality (and the willingness to answer my questions!).

Goodnight all ...


  1. Caesar salad pizza, that sounds so delicious! I definitely see you perfecting the salad on a pizza in the future

  2. Tim is such a wonderful and talented chef!


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