Saturday, May 21, 2011

That's a Wrap!

I'm home from WebFest '11 and working on my children's sermon for tomorrow!

Children's sermons used to be my least favorite thing to do - most because they absolutely terrify me! - but as I've gotten to know the kids I've started to enjoy them more and more!  If you knew the kids at our church, you would understand.  It's such a fun time in the service!  Funny, but still incredibly meaningful and powerful.

Lunch was Shepherd's Pie and a huge salad - enjoyed over some wonderful conversation at the conference!  Actually, during the conversation with one of the guys I met, we realized that we probably met at a conference in 2007.  Weird!

I picked up the fixin's for wraps and sandwiches on my way home.

I thought about making a joke about the WRAP-ture, but decided against it.

I'm off to the church to finish my sermon and get ready for tomorrow.  What a beautiful evening it looks like it's going to be!


  1. I always loved the sermons our priest would give to us during our Friday mass during school. His homilies were always really fun. I still remember some of them!

  2. nice artwork! and LOL it's good that you avoided any WRAP-ture jokes, even if they would have been hilarious... ; )


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