Monday, May 9, 2011

The Couple That Cooks Together ...

... stays together!

I love it when Bruce and I are able to cook dinner together.  It's such a great way to be together!

Tonight we did some indoor grilling - steaks, zucchini, tomatoes and onions. 

I marinated some mushrooms (thanks for the recipe dad!) and served them over egg noodles.

Very delicious!  I'll make the mushrooms again and post the recipe sometime (although it's only four ingredients, ha!).

Sorry this is so quick - I just got home from a meeting and still have to plan a funeral for tomorrow morning.



  1. I agree! Cooking together is great...except when my husband gets in my way in our small kitchen. :)

  2. we husbands can get in the way in any size kitchen.

  3. Was Bruce's contribution to the meal, "Eating It"?
    Just kidding
    It all looks great, and a good thing to do together.

  4. Cooking together is great!!!! Be careful when your back is turned though, spices have a way of appearing in the recipe when you least expect it!!


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