Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Changing Colors

Happy Wear a Dress Tuesday!

Is it just me or my eyes changing colors?

I swear they used to be blue - now they look almost teal!

I learned a valuable lesson in sandwich making today ...

If you're going to do a Veggie Sandwich on bread (as opposed to a wrap), cut back on the lettuce.

Because when I tried to put it together everything fell out and I basically ended up with a salad.  Ah, well.

Dinner was another sandwich:

Roasted Chicken + Tomato + Red Onion + Cheese + Sea + Pepper -> Toasted!

Time to wrap things up on the computer and read in bed.  I find that I'm more alert and functioning in the morning if I let myself slowly unwind with a book, as opposed to letting myself zone out on my computer or iPhone.  I'm terrible about technology in bed, so I'm really going to try to force myself to unplug at night until I get into the habit.  Anyone willing to give it a try with me?



  1. That's right--it is Tuesday! I wore a skirt today because the weather is getting warmer and I can't get away with shorts at work, but I can get away with a skirt and crocs that look like dress flats! I'm with you on unplugging. It does make a difference. I took time out of work today to get off of my computer and meditate in our chapel for 10 minutes. It brought be back to reality and made me much more productive. Yes, I'm with you in unplugging!

  2. I am SO guilty of unwinding by using technology. I catch myself looking at FB on my phone just to get sleepy sometimes. I know that's a bad habit and I'm willing to try something new now that you're suggesting it!

    I love your eyes and teal is my favorite color so if they stay teal I think that would be pretty cool!

    The sandwiches look yummy! We are big sandwich people over here!


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