Friday, May 13, 2011

Adventures In Self Care: Newport Edition

I'm not going to lie - this week was busy. There was a lot going on and I am exhausted! So yesterday Bruce told me that he was going to take me out of town for a little adventure on my day off ...

Our adventure took us to Newport, RI!  Newport is gorgeous - and not that far from Rehoboth!  When we got into town we stopped at the visitor's center and picked up a map and got some restaurant/attraction suggestions.  Between the map that told me where we wanted to be and my iPhone that told me where we were, we were all set!

We took a drive along the Scenic Ocean Drive and stopped at the Brenton Point State Park to park and walk the beach!

Sometimes the circle of life is gross.  Poor fish!  Why did I take a picture of that?

We piled back in the car and drove out to Bellevue Avenue ...

Bellevue is where all of the MANSIONS are!  We didn't do any interior tours today - just had fun 'oohing' and 'aahing' over the exteriors. :)

By 1:00 we were starving and grabbed a table at the Black Pearl - it was a perfect day for dining outside!

This was the view from our table!

Bruce and I both had burgers on our mind - I ordered mine with American Cheese and Lettuce/Tomato.  It was delicious!  During lunch I looked up Newport on wikipedia and we had a history lesson over our meal, ha!

Post-lunch walk ...

I am very relaxed and a little bit sunburned.  In other words - a good day!


  1. SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I've lived in Boston for 6 years now and I've never been there. Now I HAVE to go :)

    So glad you're having fun exploring!

  2. Kate, you guys absolutely should make a day of it! We definitely want to go back so let me know if you ever take a trip.

  3. What a fun adventure! It goes to show that even a short getaway can be so nice! Beautiful pictures!

  4. I'm so glad you got out for some rejuvenation- looks like a wonderful day!

  5. Oh man, Newport's amazing. If you venture a little further south, the island of Jamestown is also beautiful, but I'm prejudiced because I'm a lighthouse fiend and really like that one. :) If you venture even FURTHER down, to the CT border (which is really not that much further at that point), Stonington is worth a visit.

  6. Sarah, I know I've gotten behind in reading your posts...but is that an iPhone that I spy. You finally got it!!! Are you enjoying it?



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