Friday, April 15, 2011

Spinach & Onion Crusted Grilled Cheese

Confession:  Sometimes when I post "recipes" they aren't really "recipes".  They are more like meal ideas.


I know, I know.  Sue me and my food blogging tendencies.  But this journey to food bloggerdom didn't start as a quest to become a master chef.  It started as a quest to shorten the "what's for dinner?" conversation between my sweet husband and myself and to broaden my creativity in the kitchen.

That being said ... I made this today and wanted to share.

Spinach & Onion Crusted Grilled Cheese

2 pieces Whole Grain bread
A handful of Sharp Cheddar Cheese, shredded
A few slivers of Red Onion
A small handful of Baby Spinach
Butter, softened

I make grilled cheese sandwiches by getting my cast iron skillet really hot and then building the sandwich on top of it.
  • Smother a thin layer of butter on one piece of bread, the top it with a sprinkling of cornmeal.  Put the bread butter-side-down in the skillet.
  • Put half of the cheese on the bread, then a layer of onions, then spinach and then a final layer of cheese.
  • Give the other piece of bread the butter/cornmeal crust and top the sandwich with it.
  • Wait until the sandwich is golden brown on the bottom and then flip until cooked.
See what I mean?  Totally easy.  Nothing anyone should be overly impressed with.

But I just thought it was delicious and inexpensive (onions are cheap and spinach can be bought frozen) and something I had never thought of before.  Maybe you hadn't either!

What are your favorite grilled cheese fixin's?


  1. i love grilled cheese w/ tomato & bacon! :)

  2. Southern gals put bacon in just about everything! We have chocolate covered bacon at the candy store! Oh, yum yum.

    Sarah-great idea for a comforting grilled cheese....healthier than bacon!


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