Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pilgrimage Stole

Oh boy. It's been a day.

However - I think I've managed to fix or temporarily solve most of the issues that have arisen.

I made a PB&J for lunch on leftover communion bread. I'm trying to decide if that's sacrilegious or not.

Pastor of the year, right here.

Alright - let's talk about this beautiful stole!

My pastor from Georgia was in town preaching at my ordination.  She brought greetings from the entire church - literally.  Every member of the congregation contributed a piece of fabric to this stole!  They were all there with me in the stole she gave me!

The wonderful and talented Janet Alspach pieced the whole thing together.  I told Kim that I think Janet needs to start her own business - this is incredible!

This is the back of the stole - it's a fabric with all kinds of Georgia sites and sounds on it!

I miss them!

Okay, Pilgrimage friends - I really want to know what pieces were yours.  Some of you have told me on facebook but if you don't mind I'd love to open this post for you to comment with the fabric you put in so everyone can see!

You don't need a blogger account to comment, just submit the comment as anonymous - but put your name in the comment!

I can't wait to learn who gave what!


  1. Hey Sarah,
    I'm so glad you like the stole - Janet did a tremendous job on it. My piece of fabric is blue with some purple and black running through it. It was made by a woman in Guatemala. I bought it through a UCC missionary named Pablo - who is a friend of Kristin's. He was here in the states and helped us with our VBS in 2006 when we did "Guide My Feet into the Way of Peace".
    From the other Janet

  2. Oh, how beautiful! I love how the back is so symbolic of Georgia and everything that makes it special. What a wonderful keepsake for you to treasure!!

  3. Sarah,

    It looks like your ordination day went wonderfully. Morgan picked a piece of yellow fabric with stars on it. I picked a teal-ish batik fabric. We're glad you like the stole and we're all sending good thoughts your way.

    Amy Jones

  4. Hi, Sarah. It was such an honor to be at your ordination! I gave you a piece of purple burlap, because Lent is my favorite church season. I also like the texture of burlap -- it allows us to feel our way through Lenten seasons and remember that Easter will come eventually.

  5. Pastor Sarah,

    I am a quilter, and I chose 4 pieces from my stash. I recognize the pink batik fabric as one of ones I contributed to your stole. Your new church is so lucky to have you and your spiritual and people gifts. I wish you much happiness in your new church community.Have they heard the sax yet? Beth Loyless


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