Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Long Days

People keep asking me how I'm doing so I thought I'd answer the question on here, too - I'm doing really really well.  I'm tired - but happy.  And feeling so incredibly blessed.  I just keep looking at Bruce and saying, "I can't believe that this is our life now!"  It is amazing how quickly I have settled into my day-to-day responsibilities.  I'm busy, but happy. :)

I came across a box of massage therapy stones when I was unpacking and decided to bring them to my office at church.  I never used them as actual massage stones, so I thought they'd be nice ambiance or for someone to hold and move through their fingers if they were feeling anxious.  Turns out they are also fun for kids to play with during meetings. :)

I just love the way they look, though ...

Bruce and I had to run errands late this afternoon (switching banks, ugh) and I skipped lunch (I know I know, but things got crazy at the office) so we grabbed a frozen pizza, romaine lettuce and baby spinach for an early dinner.

I made a romaine/spinach salad with walnuts and a sesame/ginger dressing.

And paired it with a couple of pieces of pizza.  It's not the healthiest of options, but at least I got some greens in, right?

I had two meetings this evening and when I got home look what Bruce had ready for me ...

An unpacked media room!  There is this neat little nook on one side of the basement that makes such a nice cozy space for a TV and couch.  But it is big enough that I can do yoga/pilates DVDs if I move the footstools off to the side.

The back side of this nook is home to Dolly!

The other side of the basement still could use some work.  But it's progress!  Eventually Bruce wants to decorate the media room with non-tacky movie/sports paraphernalia.  Any suggestions?

I'm exhausted and am ready to crawl into bed.  Goodnight!


  1. yay! thanks for letting us know how you are doing!!! Looks like some good progress girl! Goodnight

  2. i love that nook area!!!

    glad you are doing well!

  3. That area looks perfect for some relaxing yoga! I love it! The message therapy rocks looks really great, too. They add a nice "Zen" feeling.


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