Saturday, April 30, 2011


I just got back from the church where members of the youth group were partaking in a hysterical game of Apples to Apples during a lock-in. That game is truly a game that transcends generational divides.  It's hysterical.  :)

But before that ... 

We've got stray cats!  Do you think Bruce would notice if we suddenly had more than one in the house? ...

Dinner was the same veggies as last night in a pita pocket!

I think I prefer the wrap for this type of sandwich, actually.  I think you get a little bit of everything in each bit when it's wrapped up.

Dessert was strawberries dipped in sugar - amaaaaazing.

Bruce got these on sale at the grocery store, but we're thinking of trying to plant some this summer!  Has anyone ever had any luck.

How is it 11:30?  Goodnight!


  1. "Has anyone ever had any luck." Hahaha, Bruce's Pennsylvania Dutch inflection is rubbing of on you!

  2. We had strawberries growing up, but IDK how we raised them. LOL I just remember them growing in our big planter in the backyard, and how much fun it was to pick them! Sometimes I really miss having a garden.

  3. My inlaws tried strawberries once but they didn't put a fence up and the deer ate them all.


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