Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just In Time

We made it to Connecticut! And there was a box waiting for me when I got to my parent's house ...

Any guesses?

My robe!  Just in the nick of time (I won't talk about the frantic email I sent to customer service last week about the fact that it had been eight weeks since my order and it hadn't been shipped yet).

Look at the beautiful brocade!

Big big big thank you to my parents for the ordination present!

I ordered the Esther from Womenspirit.  It was expensive, but my parents were willing to make the investment because every robe is custom made to specific measurements.  It fits perfectly and is also extremely lightweight.  It also has the little things - like pockets! - that make my life easier.

Snacking on pizza and trying to finalize my bulletin - goodnight!


  1. It's beautiful, Sarah. Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  2. It is a beautiful robe. Right now I am blessed that I don't have to wear one where I am, but I do know my day is coming where a church may require me to wear mine. Main reason I dread wearing mine is that I feel that it weighs 20 pounds on me... Have a great weekend and blessed worship service...

  3. Our robes could be sisters!!! And mine has pockets too! High Five for robes with pockets!


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