Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Easter Feast

I am so stuffed right now.

Thank you to the Woodard family for inviting us over for an Easter feast!  It was the perfect way to relax after a long (but incredible) morning of worship!

Speaking of worship ...

I'm not sure of the actual count, but I think we had close to 180 at the late service.  What a great crowd to worship with.  I love my job!

The flowers that adorned the cross today took my breath away.  A fun tradition to look forward to next year. :)

I'm officially exhausted.  Goodnight!  Happy Easter!


  1. The church I used to go to did that same thing! I loved it and I wish my current church would do the same thing... but I think it might be too big and would take way too long. I like the idea of doing it at a Sunrise Service, though. I'll have to suggest it sometime.

  2. Very much enjoyed reading your sermon today Sarah! just lovely!! How sweet to join a church member for dinner since yall are away from home! We always miss family on important holidays like today, but it was fun to have our next door neighbors over for a big dinner. :)

  3. Sarah. I love your blog. The flowers on the cross are amazing as well as the 6:00 a.m. service. I have never heard of these two types of celebrations. I would love to hear you sermons. Does your church post sound recordings of them on their website?

    Sherri from Delaware

    oh and up to running 3.5 miles per day
    this week taking next step up 4 miles!

  4. We enjoyed meeting you and Bruce yesterday. I hope our crazy family didn't overwhelm you! We are loud and silly but we have alot of love and have fun together...well, most of the time :) I sense a joy in you and your husband that I believe will bring much to your congregation. They are truly blessed to have found you. Pete and Marie

  5. I suggested to my Pastor last night about a sunrise service. He said they used to do it but did not get many people. I can't imagine it looks really great to me and I would think maybe a way to get young people involved as well! Sherri


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