Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Some of my friends from Connecticut offered to take photos at the ordination and their DVDs came in the mail this week!

Wow.  This photo.  Incredibly moment.  Awesome angle.  Thank you Lynn!

You can see Tim with his camera in the left corner - he was the one who took my new "head shot" on the blog.  Steve is in the right corner (I stole some of his from facebook last week).  Such great photos from everyone!

Dinner ... Tacos!

Ground beef, black beans, romaine, tomatoes, shredded cheese and taco sauce.

A salad on the side.

Nine minutes until Bible Study!  I'll try to share some more of the photos when I get home tonight.



  1. Way Cool !!!!!!

  2. very cool picture- It's great that people were able to catch such special moments for you!


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