Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's From Jamaica, Mon ...

Did I mention that we lost a tree in a wind storm last week?

We lost a tree in a wind storm last week.  This ...

... used to be attached to this.

We probably won't do anything with the tree until the snow melts, but I did trudge up the hill to grab some branches off of it to use as kindling for a fire this afternoon.

The front of our house - isn't it pretty? Lilly loves looking out the big picture window.

Dinner was at this place ...

... with these two guys.  Can you believe my dad had NEVER been to a Five Guys before?  How is that even possible?!

My favorite part about Five Guys is definitely the peanuts!  Between the peanut shells and the bright sun we had today, I kind of felt like I was at a Braves game!

I ordered a veggie sandwich with cheese.  I know - I didn't get a burger!  When I was ordering I heard my dad and Bruce say to each other, "Is that even something you can order?"  But it was delicious!  They grilled some of the veggies so the whole thing had so much flavor.  The sandwich was full of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, relish and cheese.

We all shared one order of fries - they are huuuuuuge.

After dinner Bruce and I decided to hang out at the high school for a little bit to see some of the progress being made on my dad's show.

The pit is down ...

Sets are going up ...

Some of them are being hung from the fly system ...

Bruce and I took the plane for a spin!

Other than a pile of laundry that needs to be folded, Bruce and I didn't have anything going on at home, so we stopped in to visit my mom and eat some of my dad's leftover birthday ice cream cake.

Mmm.  We also cracked into this bag ...

Yes.  You read that right - coffee that was $33.99 A POUND!  It's from Jamaica - we bought it for my mom at the farmer's market in Atlanta last year, but she wanted to wait until Bruce and I were here to drink it with her.

It was, in one word, amazing.
As my mom said, "This is what coffee is supposed to taste like."

If only I were rich and could afford to drink it all the time.

Or lived in Jamaica and grew my own beans.

Ooo, now there's an idea!  Who wants to move to Jamaica with me?


  1. Ever since I went to Jamaica on my cruise last month I've been saying I want to move there!! And have a pet dolphin... I'm totally in :)

  2. I just recently - as in January 22 - introduced my father to the joy of Five Guys. He drives past one twice a day but had never eaten there! And when we finished our meal he said, "that's a dang good burger!" HELLO?!?! Silly fathers...

  3. I had never eaten at a 5 Guys until last spring, and it quickly became one of my favorite "faster" food restaurants. The fries are DELICIOUS!

  4. Wait, you went to 5 guys and DIDN'T get a burger? I am pretty sure that's the 8th deadly sin. :)

  5. We recently had a 5 Guys open near us. I had been to one before back in Baltimore, but am definitely excited that there's one in driving distance now.


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