Sunday, March 20, 2011

Epic Photography

Another fabulous show!

I have officially seen some or all of The Drowsy Chaperone for seven straight days.  I literally break out into song at random now.

I'm so cool.

Let's see ... my mom took me out to lunch after church this afternoon!

I had an a-maaaazing chef salad from The Villager.  It was delicious!

The show started at 3, so there wasn't much time for me to get anything done before I left.  But it was so nice to leave the theater when it was still light out!


This is quite possibly the most epic photo I've ever taken.

It's dinnertime!


Random question - I'm trying to transfer my mom's music from her old laptop to her new one.  The old laptop is practically dead so I was hoping to just transfer the music from her iPod into her new iTunes and then have that iTunes be the new default.  Is that possible?


  1. In regards to copying music from an iPod to a computer, yes! It's possible. You'll need a free program to help:

    I can't remember which I used when I did this. It also usually involved changing the iPod settings within iTunes to manual. It is usually pretty easy to figure out.

    Good luck!

  2. That show looks like it was incredible!

  3. Technically apple doesn't let you take music off your ipod and move it to your computer. But there are programs that let you do it, I used one a few years back, but I've forgotten the name. Although there's no guarantee that it'll work or you won't lose music on the way. But good luck, and it is possible!


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