Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bad Day To Own A BMW

I feel the need to tell you all a story from my travels.

Bruce and I had been on the road for about two hours this morning when we decided to stop for gas and food.  We knew it wouldn't be the healthiest option, but we figured we could do this all in one stop.

The gas station was right off of the highway and not laid out particularly well.  Bruce mentioned a few times while we were waiting for a pump to open up that he thought the station was hard to navigate.  I sort of started day dreaming when I thought I heard a loud crunch.  At first I didn't know if it was a real crunch or a day dreamed crunch.

Then I turned around.

And watched as a older pick up truck slowly drove away from the brand new BMW 5-series it had just smashed into.


I looked at Bruce (who couldn't stop staring at the situation, by the way!) and said, "Maybe we should just get gas and find food somewhere else."

"You think?"

Then the woman in line in front of us threw her car in reverse and started backing up.  She motioned to us in her rearview mirror to just move out of her way.

I'm not sure why she didn't just drive forward?  There was nothing in front of her.

At that point Bruce decided that my plan of "get gas and go" was a good one.

Luckily there was a Stop & Shop across the street.  We actually ended up with a much healthier lunch!

Bruce drove and I made sandwiches and made sure we had adequate tunes to accompany our ride.


Oh - Look at this adorable Bed & Breakfast that we're staying in!  I love New England.

Moral of the blog post - be careful when backing up at gas stations.

Night all! :)


  1. Was the gas station a Sheetz? They have the worst parking lots EVER!

  2. Oh, no!!!! Poor BMW lady! & poor person that hit her too!

    Your lunch ended up being MUCH healthier, though! :)

    LOVE that bed & breakfast!!!! GORGEOUS!


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