Thursday, February 3, 2011

Writing Writing Writing

It's been 9 months since I finished my master's degree and I think I've finally found my writing groove again!

I think I've mentioned this on here before, but when I was a senior in college I interned at a local newspaper.  At first I just did police reports, obituaries, school and church lists, etc., but eventually I proved myself and was given assignments!  Once my internship was over, I was a pretty consistent contributing writer and had several above-the-fold articles published.  My program at Emory brought so much academic writing that I couldn't bear the thought of doing any for fun, but I think I'm back!

As scary as this in-between time of search and call can be, I've really enjoyed the opportunity to grow my blog a little bit and get into a publishing routine. I really love the food-blogging genre and I am a better writer and cook because of this blog!

Speaking of writing - I spent the morning and early afternoon working on another article for Suite101.  Check it out here.  I created a Girly Superbowl Menu - this article was actually really fun to write!

While I wrote, I make myself a gourmet lunch of PB&J and pineapple.

Okay, okay.  Maybe it's not gourmet.  But check out that presentation!

Here's a tip for finding fruit in the dead of winter - buy it canned!  Just buy the ones that are canned in their own juices, not in syrups.

(I know it's not the same as eating fresh fruit, but I'm pretty sure I won't be finding any fresh pineapples around here anytime soon!)

Making plans for tonight ... dinner with my sister?!


  1. The only writing I do is for my blog. :)

    And superbowl... I'll actually be watching the game and eating football food. GO STEELERS! It's hard to not get swept up in it all when you live only an hour from Pittsburgh!

  2. I'm obviously biased, since writing is my passion, but isn't it just so inspiring and invigorating? It's amazing how words can flow from head to heart to hand :)

  3. I love writing! I used to do fiction. I stopped. But i blog & write letters!?! :)

  4. That sandwich looks delicious- very gourmet! And I love the girlie super bowl menu!!


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