Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scarf Progress


I forgot how relaxing knitting can be.  I love the repetitive motion, the feeling of the yarn moving through my fingers and the instantly gratifying results of watching a project grow.

I love the colors in this scarf.  I have been inspired by the bold color choices Young House Love has been making on their new house and have been trying to integrate colors like that into my life as well.  Bold = Beautiful.  In colors and in life.

I should be done tomorrow!

Night all. :)


  1. Very nice!!! I finished an orange one Wednesday!! It's a seed stitch. Now that it's warming up here I'm rather angry that I finished it NOW. Booties are my next project.........maybe.

    Love the colors! Where did you find your yarn?

  2. Ironically enough - my church! There was a box full of various sized balls of yarn that my mom said wasn't being used for anything. I made a couple of wrist warmers to be sold to benefit the church and am now piecing together some of the rest for this scarf!

  3. Well boo. I'm looking for some yarn that's not Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I've got a TON still for some ambitious projects. There's an AWESOME very high priced place in Atlanta (but they don't ship). Anyway, yea. Now that I finished the never-ending orange scarf I'm pulling out Stitch-N-B*&^% and learning something new. I have a passion for fingerless mittens.......I'll try to post a pic of this scarf tomorrow. I'd like to re-visit posting very large pics to my blog again soon, if you have a chance.

  4. I've only ever made scarves, blankets and wrist warmers. Patterns that involve circles confuse me! This pattern is simple though - knit 2, pearl 2!

  5. The seed stitch is knit 2, pearl 2 and when you flip it, rather that reverse it, you do the same and it looks kind of knobby--seed-like. Simple. And if you make sure you begin and end with the same stitch, you don't have to think about which to start with.

    I'm determined to do something in a circle. Determined. LOL. I want to so a shrug, mittens, booties. We'll see.........

  6. You have me wanting to learn how to knit, Sarah! I love the look of knit but I just haven't had a chance to learn. Was gonna wait until my kiddos were a little bigger to go back to class at my local yarn store. Livvie's almost one...maybe this will be my year!

    Love these colors and I think you did a beautiful job!


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