Sunday, February 13, 2011

Playing Catch Up

What a wonderful day!

My mentor from my ordination process was out of town this weekend and she asked me if I could preach for her at her church.  I actually preached there a few weeks ago, so it was a familiar crowd.  It was a wonderful service!

After church Bruce and I headed to a lunch hosted at my parent's house.  My camera stayed in my purse, sorry!  But my mom sent me home with tons of leftovers, so you will see some creative meal ideas coming out of the original lunch over the next few days.

For example - I made a really simple open-face ham sandwich out of some of the leftover spiral ham from lunch and mozzarella cheese from the meatball sandwiches we had a few days ago.  I love the sweetness of spiral ham!  It contrasted nicely with the mozzarella.

The sandwich was literally three ingredients - bread, ham and cheese - but it didn't need anything else.

I worked on another freelance article for Suite101 today!  Check it out here.  I created an extremely simple, last minute Valentine's Day Dinner menu for anyone scrambling to make plans.  I hope you enjoy!

What have you all been up to?  I've missed you all day!

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