Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Birthday Marathon Continues

Someone's turning 29 ...

My sister's 29th birthday is on Wednesday and the five of us got together for her birthday dinner tonight!

My dad made fried chicken, "Keck Rice", steamed corn and green beans and mushrooms.

Bethany was at a trauma conference (she's a social worker) at one of the Connecticut casinos this week and picked up this amaaaaazing red velvet cake from Junior's.

It was amazing!  So rich.

I love birthday season in our house!  My parents both have birthdays over the next two weeks, too!

The wind was blowing something FIERCE today (we lost a tree!) so I stayed inside and did some blog maintenance.  I literally went through 3+ years (800+ posts!) and put together a Favorite Posts PageCheck it out and let me know what you think.  It was fun to go back and look at the different parts of my life - and funny to watch my blogging style change (I'd like to think I've gotten better).  Reading back on those posts made me realize just how incredible it is to be where I am today.



  1. Junior's is the best! I got a cheese cake as a gift from there once! They were the first company to master cold shipping of cakes... they also give a LOT of charity! A member of the family who owns it is a doc at my hospital and I learned all about the company :) I support them :)

  2. Great Favorite Posts section! I especially like the explanations and pictures in the beginning.

  3. The Favorite Posts page looks great! The collage of pictures interspersed among your commentary makes it look like a scrapbook :)


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