Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Birthday Breakfast

They say it's my birthday!

(insert awesome Beatles guitar riff here)

Someone cannot contain her excitement.

Bruce asked me what I wanted for breakfast and all of could think of was one thing ...

BISCUITS!  Fresh out of the oven.

I smothered them in butter (that instantly melted!) and spread on some strawberry jam.  I also cooked up a side of hashbrowns ...

And bacon!  What a delicious way to start off my life as a 26-year-old!

My mom and I were at Kohls yesterday and I saw this on the Valentine's Day clearance shelf (side note - how is that stuff already on clearance?).  Is this not the cutest mug ever?  It just screamed "Sarah" and called out to be put on my blog.  And even though it's pink and Valentine's-themed, I can use it year round!

Now onto a fun birthday morning video.  Bruce shocked me with the super-duper coffee grinder off of my wish list and we recorded it's maiden voyage grind.  A few notes on the video:

1. Ignore my tired eyes.  I could find a way to have a cup of coffee before actually making the coffee.
2. I'm sorry about all of the "ums" - this is why I preach with a manuscript.
3. Thank you for all of the Happy Birthday texts, calls, messages and posts.  I love you guys.

New Coffee Grinder from Sarah Weaver on Vimeo.


  1. YAY happy birthday!!! THOSE BISCUITS look heavenly! DANG we need that coffee grinder.. ours broke today- no joke!

  2. That's a sweet coffee grinder.

  3. happy happy birthday to you!
    happy happy birthday to you!
    happy happy biiiiiiirthday dear Sarah!
    happy happy birthday to youuuuuu!

    (normally my birthday song would include balloons and streamers, but alas, idk how to do that in comments. just imagine, tho. they are GREAT!)

    also, love the video. fresh ground coffee in minutes. mmmm!

  4. HA! I love your vlogs. :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you're having a wonderful day. :)

  5. Happy Birthday!...a day late...but hate, you can have a birthday month, right?!

  6. Happy Birthday my fellow Aquarius!!!!

  7. I have the same grinder and coffeemaker! They're great- I like to shake the grounds through that little hole too- otherwise I end up with a mess of grounds EVERY morning. happy birthday!


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