Monday, February 21, 2011

Beth Moore

When I grow up I want to be Beth Moore.

Okay, well maybe not Beth Moore exactly.  Our political beliefs are probably different and our theologies don't match up entirely (though what two people's do?).

But she has the greatest job ever!  She ministers to WOMEN, creates thought-provoking bible studies and puts them in book and DVD form, presents them to masses of people (to the hundreds at the study and then thousands more who tune in from their homes and churches) and gets to pace with excitement on a platform as she gets to the heart of her lesson.


I'm not sure someone could have created a more perfect job for me.  Throw in a camera, a computer to blog from and a table of baked goods to eat off of and I'm pretty sure I would be in heaven.

My mom and a friend of ours got together today to have lunch and do the first session of Beth Moore's Revelation Bible Study Series.  It was fun!  We watched the session on DVD and followed along in the guidebook.  When you do the session with a group of people, you only need to buy one DVD, which is nice.  Then people only need to buy the book.

Betsey and her husband have been renovating an old farm house for the past couple of years and it looks AMAZING!  Check out one (out of two!) of their fireplaces.  It has the little compartment thingie (that is the technical term) that you can cook in.

How cools is this?  I love old houses.

Betsey made a delicious lunch of tuna & relish sandwiches and an italian-wedding-esque soup.  Dee-licious.

Some hot tea for a chilly winter's day.  What happened to the beautiful 60 degree weather?

I need this sign for my house!

Obadiah wanted to take part in the study!


I was having a rushed morning and completely spaced - I forgot to mention that I guest posted over at Girl Talk today!  The post is part one of a series about how women can start to break down years of competition between one another and start to really lift one another up.  The research alone for this series has been so thought-provoking for me.  Check it out and be part of the conversation!

We got so caught up in our study that we looked up and realized most of the day was gone!  It's almost time for dinner - but it's still light out!  A sign that spring is coming ... :)


  1. Wish I could send this 83 degree San Antonio weather to you!!!! ; )
    Let me know what you think of the Beth Moore series. thanks!!!

  2. i luv beth moore! i always say i wish i could go to lunch w/ her! :)

  3. LOVE Beth Moore! I've been reading her series too!!!

  4. that puppy is gorgeous!! also, love the fireplace, i think everyone should have one w/ cubbies like that! : )

  5. I love Beth Moore too! My Bible study just finished up that Revelation study in December, and now we are doing the Daniel one. I hope it will be good! She is even coming to my town in April to do an event and I am super excited!

  6. Love Beth Moore. I did the Esther study, holy cow, so good.

    Sorry its chilly there. Its seriously Spring time here. But that's Texas for you, one day we're freezing the next we're 80 degrees. Our weather is quite fickle.


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