Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Lesson In Why Church Families Rock

I love the internet.  I mentioned in this post that Bruce and I really wanted to try snow shoeing.  One of my church members saw it, told my sister (who was over at his house watching his grandchildren today) that he had two sets of them and LET US BORROW THEM!  Thank you Dr. Kamm!

We are planning on going out tomorrow (my sister is going to rent them so she can come too!), but I HAD to try them out tonight ...

I'm laughing because five seconds before this photo was taken I had fallen on my face.  My mom got the outdoorsy itch when she saw me doing laps around her pool, went in the basement and pulled out her cross country skis (that I'm pretty sure she hasn't been on in 20 years).  Yes, we both have to preach tomorrow and no, neither one of us had completed sermons at the time, but why not?

Anyway, it was so much fun!  And a GREAT workout.  My legs felt like absolute jello after only 30 minutes of doing laps.  I'm hoping the weather cooperates tomorrow!

Before the snow shoeing adventure ... 

 My mom bribed us with pizza and cable (NFL playoffs!) and we happily obliged.  I had mine with mushroom and onions.

Still trying to get myself back on track with healthy eating, though.  I grabbed a side salad.  It's all about balance!


One final note ...

Bruce was hard at work today putting the finishing touches on our first "design to sell" room and I can't wait to show you the before/after!  My old bedroom (now Yoga Room), which the tenants painted blue and yellow for one of their kids ...

... is now white with cream ceiling and trim!  What a difference.  I had to put one coat of primer and two coats of white to cover the walls, but the ceiling only required one coat of the cream.  I love how clean everything looks now!

Time for me to wrap this up so I can finish my sermon and go to bed.  I'm preaching at a church north of here tomorrow morning, so I probably won't check in until the afternoon.  Say a little prayer for me - new congregations are always a little scary.


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