Thursday, January 20, 2011

Breakfast Rice Bowl

Well, apparently we're making some new friends up here in New England.

The squirrels are EVERYWHERE.  This one was one my deck!  Lilly is going nuts.

I had a very strange morning.  So strange, in fact, that I didn't eat breakfast!  I know, very out of character.  So when 12:00 rolled around and all I had consumed so far in the day was black coffee, I knew I needed something filled with grains and protein to keep me in check.  I recreated something that I accidentally stumbled upon the other day - and am now convinced that this may very well be the best breakfast/brunch combo I've ever had.

Breakfast Rice Bowl

2 Eggs, scrambled light and fluffy with some milk
2/3 cup of Rice, cooked
2 pieces of Whole Wheat Toast
2 large slices of Sharp Cheddar Cheese

The eggs give you protein ...

The rice gives you starches/grains ...

The toast gives you healthy carbohydrates ...

The cheese gives you dairy/calcium ...

Pair this with a glass of orange juice and - in theory - the only food groups you've missed are vegetables and chocolate.

And you've got the rest of the day to eat those.

Have a great day y'all.


  1. sarah, an awesome variation on this that i like is to add sauteed greens/a little bit of garlic, a fried or poached egg, a little bit of soy sauce and hot oil, all over rice. yummy, filling breakfast with a different set of flavors than the "usual" western breakfast palatte.

  2. This looks delish Sarah! Seriously...I am loving the transformation I'm seeing on your blog lately! The food pics are awesome and your'e making this old married girl want to get in the kitchen and start cooking something new!

    Love it!


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