Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ecclesiastical Council

I did it!  I passed!

The Ecclesiastical Council started at 3:00.  I talked for about 45 minutes and then we had about 30 minutes of Q&A.  Some of the questions that people asked were hard, but they were really good questions!  I also have a new respect for politicians who do this kind of thing at town hall meetings all the time.  It's hard to stand up there and be in the hot seat for that long a period of time!

After the Q&A finished, my family and I left so that the delegates could have their discussion and vote.  We actually expected for it to take longer than it did, but all of a sudden we heard thunderous applause coming from the sanctuary and the chair of my ordination committee came into our back room to get me.  People were giving me a standing ovation when I walked in!  It was amazing.

I'm totally on cloud nine right now and can't really formulate thoughts, but thank you to everyone who came and everyone around the country that prayed hard - your presence was known!  I am now officially Ordainable Pending Call - let the job search begin ... :)

I'll leave you with some images from our reception and my family celebration dinner - enjoy!

Mmm, sugar high.  There are so many leftovers!  Does anybody in Connecticut want to have a cookie party?

 We decided to head south a little bit and go to The Cookhouse to celebrate.  This is one of those places that if you are ever in the Litchfield/Fairfield County area, you definitely need to check out.  The barbeque has been voted the best in the state!

(I know my southern friends are scoffing at the thought of northern barbeque, but trust me - it's amazing!)

Red Wine to start.  Here's to my upcoming search and call process - cheers!

I love the ambiance of this place - it was converted from an old barn!  I think barn conversions make neat modern structures.

Biscuits straight out of the oven.  Mmm ...

My wonderful parents treated us to dinner.  I told my dad he looked tired and bored and he said, "That's how I am these days".  Surely, he wasn't referring to my ordination papers?

Apparently I'm missing the south, because I ordered Chicken Fried Chicken with Gravy and Sweet Potato Fries.  Oh, and Baked Beans, but there was actually too much of a BBQ taste to them that I didn't really like.

So I just scarfed down everything else.

OH - and Bruce ordered Burnt Ends and they were to diiiiiie for.  Luckily there was plenty for him to share and take home for leftovers!

Also - I want that boat-bowl.  What a neat serving dish!  Has anyone seen something similar in a store?

Alright, I am off to RELAX!  I have been emailing back and forth with my Area Conference Minister since we got home and my Ministerial Profile is all set to be released.  I know this is a confusing process (and it could still be months before I actually find a church), but I appreciate all the love, support and prayers you've thrown my way.  I would not have gotten this far without you.

Lots of Love,


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so excited for you!! :)

  2. Congratulations! That is so awesome!!! I can't imagine doing that... it sounds nervewracking! But i LOVE that you got applause & a standing ovation! They loved you!!

    Can't wait to see what God has in store for you next!

    Oh, and i LOVE that pic of your parents! So sweet!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! So happy for you!!!!

  4. So very happy for you Sarah! The food looked delish and I love the pic of your parents! They must be so proud!

  5. Congratulations!!!

    That's a super cute pic or your parents.

  6. Wooo-HOOO! I am so excited for you, Sarah!

  7. Congrats!!!! You should be so proud of this HUGE accomplishment!

  8. YAY! Congratulations Sarah! I'm sure this is such a relief to you, and so exciting to fulfill your call and purpose in life, and to be doing what you love:) Can't wait to see what He brings in your path!


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