Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Woop! Woop! Kind Of Veteran's Celebration

"We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude."
Cynthia Ozick

So true, right?  I hope you all had a wonderful Veteran's Day.

We had a special visitor!

Gilbert came up from Fort Benning!  Apparently the Army gives off for Veteran's Day?

We literally have zero essentials in our kitchen right now, so I had to be creative for lunch.

I sautéed about 1/8 onion, scrambled in two eggs, seasoned with salt and pepper and topped with cheese.  Everything went into a wrap.  It was actually absolutely delicious.  The onions gave it so much flavor.  What started out as a "crap I have nothing to eat" may have turned into one of my favorite quick meals!

Gib brought me a present!

Of course, I totally pronounce the name of the wine, "Woop! Woop!" complete with exclamation marks.  There is something about a wine with a fun name or bottle that just brings things up a notch.  It had been a long day, so it didn't take me long to crack open the bottle.  I went to grab some wine glasses and realized I had packed them all ...

... so I was super classy and poured us a smooth red wine in juice glasses.  Hey - Gib suggested plastic cups, so it could have been worse.

Bruce was working late so Gib and I decided to cook dinner so it would be ready when he got home.  Gib wanted something with noodles and I wanted something fall-inspired.  I am impressed to report that we actually managed to accomplish both requirements!

Chicken Pad-Thai inspired Stir Fry with Asparagus, Green Onions and Zucchini.  Tossed with teriyaki sauce.

The pictures don't do it justice.

For a fall-inspired dessert ...

Roasted Acorn Squash with Brown Sugar, Syrup and Butter.

Oh.  My.

I cannot even begin to tell you how good this was.  It was super easy too.  I'll post the "recipe" (word used very loosely) this weekend.

After dinner we made a quick trip up to Bass Pro Shops so Bruce could replace his waders (there's a sentence four years ago I never thought I'd hear myself say).

This was my view for most of the trip.  Me looking at them looking at guns.  Hey guys - didn't we come for fishing gear?

On our way out, Bruce put in a special request for me to try on a reversible camouflage/orange hunting vest.

Oh my.  I think I may need to over-accessorize on WADT next week to make up for this.

We are currently snacking on fresh-out-of-the-oven brownies and the boys are subjecting me to more Top Gear.  I'm not sure I understand the humor of the show, but I do like British accents and am just enjoying the peacefulness of the evening.

Good friends are good for your health.

Goodnight!  I will see you in the morning with a guest post from one of my favvvvvorite blog friends!


Please keep Rev. Davida Foy Crabtree, my former Conference Minister, in your prayers.  Her husband David died this morning after a long journey with cancer.

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