Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Surrounded By Boxes And Drew Brees

Good morning!  Happy Wear a Dress Tuesday!

We are completely surrounded by boxes around here.

We didn't need a living room floor, right?

The problem with packing up an apartment is that there really is no place to go with the boxes!  I'm trying to keep everything contained so that we're not tripping over boxes all the time, but it's starting to get complicated.

I woke up craving something sweet and filling this morning.  I really wanted waffles, but, alas, my waffle maker is packed.  Besides - the only cooking we're doing is heating up leftovers and cleaning out the fridge right now.

I decided to make my typical PB bagel, but added some strawberry jam.  It was so delicious!  The jam melted into the peanut butter  and mmmmmm - it was delicious.

Coffee times two.  Or maybe three.

It's another rainy day in Atlanta.  Apparently we are under a tornado watch?  Be careful out there everyone!


So I'm watching the 4th hour of the Today Show and they were just interviewing Drew Brees, the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.  Sports Illustrated recently named him Sportsman of the Year.  Remember this picture?

Tick tock tick tock ... 

He just seems like a genuinely good guy.  It is really nice to see a phenomenal athlete show such a good sense of sportsmanship and family values.  Agreed?  It's rare these days.

Alright, I'm off - have a great day!


  1. Girl, I totally feel your pain with all the boxes taking over your house! But this too shall pass soon and you will be closer to your family :-)

  2. I, too, had 3 cups of coffee all for my little self this morning. 3 cups seems kind of necessary lately!

  3. ahh... that is an awesome photo :)

    I completely agree - it's refreshing to see an awesome athlete that is genuinely GOOD also. I was happy to hear he received this honor.

  4. yay! Drew Brees & packing what a great combo :)


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