Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Atlanta Bucket List (Food Edition)

Mission:  Eat at Everybody's (in Emory Village) one more time before we pack up.


I know this is a pizza place, but I absolutely love Everybody's salads.  I always order a small and they are huge!

Yes, that's a SMALL.

I ordered the organic mixed greens with roma tomatoes, chicken, bacon and cheddar cheese.

Drizzled with some ranch dressing.  And my favorite part?

Everybody's serves crackers with their salads!  I love crumbling them up and putting them on the top.

I'm starting to feel really anxious about the move.  I haven't gotten the internet set up at the house yet (luckily the other utilities are already set up because it had been on the market) and I need to call and cancel our services down here.  I also need to go to the bank and get a check for our apartment complex to pay our final month's rent and figure out when we can do the final walk through.  Bruce leaves (with all of our stuff) a week from yesterday, so time is really starting to tick.  Honestly, I think I'm just ready for this week to be over so we can start implementing all of the things we've been thinking about for three months.  The goodbyes have started and the anticipation is driving me crazy.  Time to take some deep breaths.

Say a prayer?



  1. Make sure you've got hot water on before you get to CT... showers will be REALLY cold when it's winter. Learned that one the hard way :-)

  2. Awww....I'm praying for you, Sarah.
    Also, I'm REALLY loving your blog AND I've been reading through past posts for half marathon inspiration. You did a great job training and getting ready for that half, and you're doing a great job getting ready for this move. You, Bruce, and God make a great team:-).


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