Monday, November 8, 2010

The Luck Of The Draw (Or Not?)

These things we do to keep the flame burnin'
And write our fire in the sky
Another day to see the wheel turnin'
Another avenue to try

It's in the luck of the draw, baby
The natural law
Forget those movies you saw, little baby
It's in the luck of the draw

Bonnie Raitt, Luck of the Draw

I love this song.  Bonnie Raitt is right - sometimes we can't control our deck of cards.

But I am starting to think I can control the way I react.  I am choosing to see the bright side of things.  I am choosing to be happy.  Some days it is not easy, but every day it is SO worth it.  Bruce and I are going through tons of changes and transitions in our life right now, but I am refusing to be brought down by fears and anxieties of the unknown.

I would remiss if I didn't say that focusing on eating healthy, hydrating properly and exercising weren't a huge part of getting me to where I am today, where I am completely at peace with both Bruce and me quitting our jobs and moving 1,000 miles away.  If there is ever a time to focus on whole body healthfulness, it's during changes!

So onto lunch!  We didn't have much at home, so I browsed the frozen meal section at the grocery store (watch this Today Show segment about finding healthy and inexpensive frozen dinners).  Luckily Stouffers Meals were on sale, so I grabbed a lasagna!  I used to eat these when I was at Grady and on call because they were so filling and would keep me functioning when I was up all night - you would think I wouldn't want them anymore!

Paired with some baby carrots.  It was delicious, but I was hungry again by 3:30/4.  I scrounged up some leftover halloween candy, but it wasn't enough.  I ended up scarfing down half of a clif bar when I got home from work so I wouldn't pass out on my run.  I need to remember afternoon snacks!

Anyway, I got home and headed out for a run.  In all honesty, I am really ready for the race.  I want to run again because I WANT to run, not because I know that I need to in order to stay on track for training.  I want to take long walks and do pilates!  I want to take more than a day off and not feel guilty.  I am so glad I have been able to get back into a running groove, but I will be glad when I can balance it out with other activities again.

Needless to say - Lilly had to push me out the door this afternoon for my run.  I was sluggish to start, but once I started to pound the pavement, I felt awesome.  I covered 4.12 miles in 43:52, averaging a 10:38 mile.  That pace puts me on track for a 2:20 half marathon - I would honestly be thrilled with that.

I went up some pretty respectable hills, too!

Dinner was actually kind of exciting.  For the past three years (literally) I have been on a quest to learn how to make Fried Rice and I am almost there!  It didn't taste as good as Top Spice but Bruce and I both agreed that this was my best attempt yet.

The key ingredient?  SUGAR.  No joke.

I used added onions, peas, carrots, a tomato, piece of chicken and two eggs.  Once I've got a good handle on how to make it myself, I'll share it on here.

It's been such a wonderfully relaxing night over here.  We are cranking along on our puzzle, catching up on each other's days, watching some Monday Night Football and talking politics (spurred by Matt Lauer's interview with President Bush).  Oh!  And I'm looking at some photos I took with my new wide angle attachment this afternoon.

Can you believe I took this with an 18-55mm lens?  I was able to capture all but a small piece of the new building (if you want some perspective about how much of a monstrosity the new building is, compare it to the bridge that connects it to the old building).  Incredible.

I'm off to find a snack and head to bed!  Goodnight!

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  1. That new lens attachment is awesome. What a great pic!


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