Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Cards

An Ode To Friday Night:

Oh Friday Night, how I love thee.
I never appreciated you when I was in seminary.
I knew the weekend would only bring studying and papers.
I never appreciated you during CPE.
I was either on call, getting ready to be on call or too traumatized from my last on call.
I never appreciated you as I was finishing my ordination requirements.
I needed to get ready for meetings, finish my Ministerial Profile.
But now?  I'm seeing a different side to you, Friday Night.
Friday Night, without homework, pagers and meetings, you really are a wonderful friend.
Oh Friday Night, how I love thee.

Stuffed Shells.  Now that's my kind of Friday Night.

Bruce and I are having a quiet night at home, which is exactly what I've been needing lately!  I attempted to make stuffed shells for the first time (I'll post the recipe tomorrow!) and now we are settled comfortably on the couch with our computers (we're dorks) and watching National Treasure.  Question - is the Declaration of Independence really under that level of security?  How cool!


Onto a fun topic that has been floating around the blog world lately ... Christmas Cards!  I've seen a couple of bloggers post about this, so I mentioned it to Bruce and he was totally game!  Here's the deal:  Shutterfly is offering 50 free Christmas Cards to bloggers who blog about their Holiday Card promotion this year.  I can't pass up a great deal like that!

Bruce and I have always talked about doing Christmas cards in the past, but we've never been able to get it together and actually get it done.  I'm usually in the thick of finals and by the time I finally emerge, it's just too late.  This is my first holiday season in 20+ years that I am not in school and I cannot wait to soak up every ounce of holiday cheer.

We are obviously also going through some huge transitions in our life right now.  After over three years of living in Atlanta, we are packing our things and moving north to Connecticut.  I think Christmas cards will be a great way to let people know where we are and invite them into the next chapter of our story!

I am definitely planning on ordering Christmas Photo Cards (I'm sure you are all shocked) and I'm really excited to spend some time with Bruce looking at the photos that have been taken of us over the last year and deciding which ones to use!  I think that, in and of itself, will be a fun holiday tradition to keep in the years to come.

I have used Shutterfly in the past to order regular prints and buy photo books and I love their products.  They also have calendars and mugs (oh my gosh - a Wear a Dress Tuesday mug?!) and tons of stuff if you have little ones, like birthday party invitations.

I do want Bruce to help me choose the card, but at first glance I'm loving this Joy Love Holiday Story card.

I love photo collages (which is pretty obvious from my food photo collages), so something like this would be perfect!

Any bloggers out there interested in this promotion, click here.

Oh man.  Now I can't wait for Christmas.

And I want a Wear a Dress Tuesday mug.

The End.

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  1. We used to love Shutterfly and the thought of 50 free cards is cool. But, we've been using Send Out Cards for a year now and are actually MAKING money by sending cards through them and helping others send cards through them (and making money themselves).

    Send Out Cards is fully customizable and allows you to use as many pictures as you want, send out personalized cards in your own handwriting and with your own signature right from your computer and you can send gifts this way, too!

    I'm happy to give you and your readers a couple of free Send Out Cards to send out as an early holiday gift to you all.

    Just go to to send out a card or two on me.

    Happy Holidays!!!



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