Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bringing The South To The North

Good morning!  I have GOT to learn how to get to sleep earlier.  I was fighting my alarm clock something fierce this morning.  Not even a hungry kitten knocking everything off of my nightstand got me out of bed.

No time for breakfast at home.  I literally threw my peanut butter and bagels in a bag and brought them with me to work!  Luckily we have a coffee maker here so I could still brew up some java.

My view!


So I was getting dressed this morning and started thinking about how life might be different when we move to Connecticut.  I have been faux southerner for over three years and have definitely adopted certain southern customs that I absolutely love and adore.  So here are some questions I have about the north ...

1. Can I still wear my cowboy boots?
2. Is Rotel sold at the grocery store?
3. Is there a decent country music station?  (This question may only apply to those in NW Connecticut.)
4. Would it be okay if I dressed up for a sporting event?  (Please please please say yes!)
5. Am I allowed to address a group of people as 'y'all' or would that be weird?

Please advise.

An Accidental Southern Belle


  1. Here's what I can tell you (being a true Yank)
    1. I would say that this is acceptable. Cowboy boots are a fashionable item now.
    2. Yes, oh yes. I love me some Jenn William's queso so this is how I know. However, it may take some tricky searching. But it's there.
    3. I can't speak for CT but PA has some great country stations (it's one of my only stations in my car)
    4. I don't know. Because I am rarely at a sporting event.
    5. WHY NOT!?

    Hope this is helpful!

  2. From a Southern boy of 54 years now:
    1. Hell yeah, you can wear those cowboy boots!
    2. Google the company and find out their retailers up in CT. if not, I can send you some CARE packages now and then...
    3. When the AM/FM fail, you can always Pandora (Miller turn me onto them)
    4. If there is a WADT, then surely you can dress up with a dress or other nice clothes at said sporting event...
    5. See #1 for "Hell Yeah" reference...

    And as for your reference for an "Accidental Southern Belle," I will fall back on my Wesleyan seminary knowledge and say that you ARE A SOUTHERN BELLE by the grace of God!!!

  3. A big YES to numbers 1, 2,4,and 5. (Sometimes I say "y'all, and I have NEVER lived in the south.)

  4. You're moving to CT? I'm from there :) Not sure where you are moving specifically. I lived in Fairfield county, southern CT. Let me know if I can help with any advice! And I too, really need to get to bed earlier! I can't get up in the morning lately!


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