Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sometimes You Just Need To Smell The Incense

I've had a ... weird ... day.  I'm not really sure what to say about it.

Actually, I will say this.  I woke up still feeling under the weather, so I skipped church and curled up on the couch with my laptop and some Vitamin C.  I figured if I was stuck inside, I may as well get some work done, right?

Side note - does anyone else crave extremely unhealthy foods when they don't feel well?  I literally ate honey nut cheerios and oreos for dinner last night and pizza and diet coke for lunch today.  That's all I wanted!  Maybe my body craves comfort foods?  Apparently vegetables aren't comfort foods, ha!

Anyway, after my extremely nutritious lunch I actually started to feel better so I got a little bit done around the apartment and then ventured out.  Then things got weird.

So ever since the weather cooled down, Bruce and I have been trying to take advantage of the fact that we live in a city and have been making a concerted effort to walk places when possible.  So that's what I decided to this afternoon ...

I threw on my garmin so I could track my miles.  Today is a cross-training day and I definitely think that walking counts as cross-training - especially at the pace that I walk!  Walking is also extremely therapeutic for me, so it felt good to just zone out and go.

Fall is pretty.

Do you know what is not pretty?  Getting whistled and honked at.  Seriously - why do certain men feel the need to do that?  It is not flattering; in fact it is extremely rude and devalues the strength of a woman's character and the capacity they have within them for greatness.

Sorry, it hit a nerve.

Anyway, I hit up Starbucks to get some work done, but it ended up being weird for two reasons.  1 - Their coffee machine was broken.  Shouldn't Starbucks have a backup coffee machine?  2 - Some guy sitting near me was trying to pick up the girl sitting next to him and the whole thing was just awkward to be around.

Eventually I left Starbucks and called Bruce, who was driving home from a weekend camping trip with Gib in North Carolina.  Unfortunately, Bruce didn't hear his phone ring the first, second, third, fourth ... 51st and 52nd time I called.  He answered the 53rd time, but by then I was convinced he dead in a ditch somewhere and I was inconsolable.

I needed to take some deep breaths (and Bruce needed to drive and get himself safely home), so I got off the phone and decided pass by our apartment complex and walk to the grocery store to get something for dinner.  Once I was there I decided that after all the crap I ate yesterday and today I was just craving a huge salad.  So I got all of the fixins for a good one and walked home.

And got whistled at AGAIN.

When I walked in the door, I felt a sharp shooting pain in my chest and was convinced I was having a heart attack.  I laid on the couch and drank water and eventually determined that I had strained a muscle near my shoulder because of the way I was carrying my messenger bag and didn't realize until I stopped walking and took it off.

Then I turned on the Braves game and they were winning, but proceeded to blow the game.

Then I decided I needed to go to church.

No, literally.  Bruce pulled in and I met him at his truck with a change of clothes and we headed over to the nearby Episcopal Church for their Compline.  Compline is such a neat service - it is a service of nightly prayers and it's sung or chanted by a small choir in a cappella.  The sanctuary is lit by candles and there is tons of incense burning.  I literally spent the service breathing in the smell of incense through my nose and exhaling out all of the negative energy of the day through my mouth.  It was just what I needed.

Plus, as an added bonus, I got to see a friend of mine from CPE.  Have I mentioned lately that I miss those guys?  Because I do.  A lot.

Anyway, I came home and and made this ...

Kidney beans, hard boiled eggs, diced tomatoes and shredded cheese served on a bed of romaine lettuce.  No dressing.  I think I needed to detox. :)

It still counts as dinner if I ate it at 10:00, right?  Oy.

Anyway - my day in a nutshell.  I woke up blah, felt better, walked 5.86 miles (umm, yeah - I'd call that cross-training), thought my husband died, freaked out, realized he was okay and tried to calm down, went to the grocery store, thought I was having a heart attack, watched the Braves blow their game and decided I needed to smell some incense.

Like I said.  It was a weird day.


  1. Girl, i sooo did that w/ my husband too... i blogged about it somewhere. I was at rehearsal at the theatre. i ended up leaving a TECH rehearsal in tears, convinced he was dead or near dead or something. i have never left a rehearsal before & especially not a tech one! LOL. It just means we love our husbands! LOL. But yeah - i totally know how you feel.

    I also woke up feeling bad today & skipped church. and i didn't feel like eating ANYTHING though i finally did eat jambalaya b/c it was all we had leftover. i really wanted some homemade soup. Bleh.

    And what is it w/ being whistled at? i hate that too. I always give them a mean look lol.

  2. actually i found it haha. over a year ago.


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