Monday, October 11, 2010

10 Things I'm Thinking About On Monday Night

1. I love Monday Night Football.  I don't care who's playing.  I just love the weekly fall ritual.

2. Really, I just love fall.  So it may have nothing to do with football.

3. Speaking of my love of fall, what's up with the 88 degree weather, Atlanta?

4. I ate cereal for dinner.

See #3.  I refuse to turn my air conditioning back on but it's too hot to turn on the stove or oven and cook a real dinner.

That and I think I was lacking creativity in the kitchen.  I would much rather exercise my creativity in photographing boring food.

Also, who gets to decide what can be constituted as "real" dinner?

5. I was looking at my ibuprofen bottle the other night and realized it expired last year.  Do expiration dates count with medicine?  I'm really a stickler when it comes to expiration dates, but there is still a lot of medicine left and it seems like a waste (it was one of those big bottles from Target).

6. I'm really sad that Courteney Cox and David Arquette broke up.  I think this is how my mom felt when Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman broke up.  I really thought they were going to be the Hollywood couple that was going to make it!

7. I decided this morning that I needed a mental health day from running.  I'll readjust my schedule this week and I honestly think that the day off will do me a world of good both physically and mentally.  I was thinking about taking an afternoon walk when Elisabeth texted me and asked if I wanted to walk with her and Ephrem (where you reading my mind Elisabeth?).  It was just what I needed!

8. I'm excited for WADT tomorrow!  It's supposed to be 87 degrees, so I might pull out a summer dress again.  I currently wish I owned this dress.  It can be worn in the hot weather, but the beautiful brown color makes it feel like fall.  It also seems versatile enough to throw a turtleneck and tights under for the winter.

9. I'm really in the mood to bake something, but it's too late for me to get started.  Do y'all follow my friend Veronica's blog?  She posts pictures of and tutorials for these amazing cupcakes she makes and I think I'll try my hand at them sometime this week.  How about some pink ones for breast cancer awareness?

10. Once I started thinking about baking desserts, I started thinking about eating desserts.  Unfortunately, we have no sweets in our apartment right now, so I threw a container of yogurt in the freezer in an attempt to make my own frozen yogurt.

Question:  Is frozen yogurt just normal yogurt frozen?  I've always wanted to know ... 

11. I don't have a good feeling about the Braves right now.  Prove me wrong, okay guys?

12. My dad just called me and (among other things) was telling me about a bike ride he went on this past Sunday.  Here's another fun flashback ...

My dad and me, circa summer 2005.

Note:  This photo was taken almost two years before I made the decision to move to Atlanta.  And I'm holding a Braves hat.  In Connecticut.  Hmm ... 

13. Apparently I had more than 10 things to say.

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  1. I love Monday nights too! Fernando is all about football right now and for the first time in 13 years, I'm finding myself actually paying attention. I still have no clue what all they're doing out there, but I've really just been enjoying this season! I wish we were fans of a winning team but oh well. A fan is a fan no matter what!

    I can't wait to see your cupcakes and that was sweet of you for mentioning mine. I'm in the baking mood today so we'll see what I end up making!

    P.S. I had no clue about Courtney and David. This whole motherhood thing has me watching Disney Channel and Nick Jr and I have no clue what's going on out there anymore!


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