Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Happy last day of September!  I hope you all finished out the month strong - bring it on October!

My wonderful friend Dan told me this afternoon that I had to stop posting breakfast pictures because they always made him hungry.

I am a firm believer that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!  I am loving the fact that I currently have the flexibility to enjoy a nice breakfast at home before heading off for the day.  Coffee is so much better out of a real mug than out of a travel mug. :)

I am also loving the fact that the weather has cooled off and I can eat on the porch.  It is blissful!

Have you ever perused Bisquick's recipe website?  They have tons of recipes on there that never end up on the box.  Yesterday I made a batch (well I cut it in half) of Applesauce Pancakes and that was on the menu this morning.  They were delicious and moist and amazing.  Definitely check out that recipe if you are looking for a fun twist on an old favorite.

So today was a little strange, weather wise.  Either the sun was shining or it was gray and raining.  It never really warmed up (I was shivering on the scooter) and it kind of reminded me of the calm before the storm - only I don't think there is going to be a storm.  Weird.

I took this picture when I was heading back into work after lunch.  Gray clouds and bright blue skies.  How bizarre.

Anyway, the weather was last thing on my mind today.

Because this girl was in town!

And this guy came up so we could all have dinner!  Actually, the two of them crashed a class at Candler this afternoon and then the three of us hung out before meeting Bruce and Sarah's husband Andrew for dinner.

(Sara, we missed you!)

Aww, they're cute. Sarah and I are pretty sure Andrew and Bruce were separated at birth. It's scary how much alike they are.

(p.s. Chili's is a great place to talk and catch up but the lighting is terrible. Terrible lighting = meh photographs. But you can see the love.)

Before we left for dinner Sarah and Dan and I caught up at my apartment over a game of scrabble. And I have to say ...

Only a group of seminary graduates would allow the word "div" to count in a game of scrabble.

Because we're cool like that.


Side note - I woke up this morning and my legs felt like absolute lead, so I decided to skip the run and do a pilates DVD instead to try to loosen up.  I know it is totally against my Type A make up to skip a run, but if my legs don't stay loose, all of that pressure lands on my knee.  And that's bad.  So I'm trying to listen to my body and see what it needs.

Have a good night!


"I talk a LOT.  So I've just learned to tune myself out."
Kelly, The Office


  1. How come it just makes me mad? Everyone's getting a lucky break but me.....I guess I should be happy. Everyone got to see each other. I feel like I'm a world away. Ugh. Now I'm crying. I shouldn't have read this.

  2. stupid me! I had a 'M' I could have played on that 'DIV'...


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