Friday, September 10, 2010

Coffee and Houses and Apples Oh My!

Happy Friday night!  I hope you all had a peaceful end to your week.

My morning started off with a cup of coffee (or two ... or three) and some e-mail.  Even though I'm in CT there were some work-related things I needed to catch up on so I'm not completely behind when I get back next week.

One of my church members is in the hospital, so after lunch my mom and I headed down to visit her.  It was strange to walk onto a hospital elevator and only have three floors to choose from!  Grady has certainly given me thwarted expectations of hospitals.

Since we were out of town, we decided to run a few errands.  One of them brought us to my parent's other house, the one where I spent most of my childhood.  My parents' tenants just moved out, so they drive over to check on it every now and then.  It was fun to wander around.  I hadn't been there in over two years!

This was me in my old bedroom!  I swear, the room was WHITE when I moved out.  The tenants had smaller children and I think that's where the blue and yellow came from.

I was joking with my mom when we got there that when my lease runs up in Atlanta, Bruce and I might move back into their house.  But when I walked through the empty house, remembered this spacious family room ...

... this kitchen with a full-sized pantry and twice as much counter and cabinet space that I have right now ...

... a separate, completely closed off office ...

... and the walk-in closet in the master bedroom (that of course was my parents, but would be mine!), I totally wasn't joking anymore.  In my head, I already have paint colors picked out, ha!

Come on, a walk in closet with a full-sized mirror?  Can't you just imagine the WADT pictures?!

(Do you like my outfit?  It is FALL here - I'm wearing jeans, long sleeves and a scarf!)

We headed home around dinner time and I had a very important task to complete ...

... I had to set up my mom's new MacBook Pro!  Her current laptop has essentially completely died, and I finally convinced her to cross over from the land of PCs to the world of Macs.

I think it's safe to say she's happy she made the switch!

I'm off to watch The Last Song with my sister (am I going to cry?) and get myself ready for 5 miles in the morning.  Goodnight all!


  1. I love that in the mirror photos you are totally standing the way PW always does. Cute house!!

  2. I want fall... Is that jacket new?


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