Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wear a Dress Tuesday - Thanks Mom!

It's Wear a Dress Tuesday!

I wore a new dress today!  On Friday after kind of an 'eh' day, my mom offered to take Bruce and me out to dinner.  Then my sister told me I should take my mom's credit card and buy myself a new dress to make myself feel better.

So I did.

Sometimes I suck at being a grown up.

(Thanks Mom!)

Today's facebook status ... 

Wicked + Wear a Dress Tuesday = The Perfect Start To My Day

I love the story behind the horse in Sara's picture:  In today's picture I'm standing with the Breast Cancer horse stationed outside the doctor's office. All throughout Germantown you can find these horses. They're each a different color. Some of them sparkle. They're not all Race for the Cure horses. They each signify something different. Different businesses "rent" them out and the monies go to charities. I really like this pink one. We stopped to get a shot.


Well ... this is a funny story.  Remember when I said last week that Kari was going in for ankle surgery? This is her version of what happened:  So this week you get the off the body shot... I tried to take a picture in the mirror, but the flash was wayyyyy bright. Then I tried to do the self timer life last week, but it turns out that's a lot harder to do with only one leg. So I game up, took it off, and added the one shoe... Which, ps, I got on super clearance sale at Bandolino. The end! :).

And she only put one shoe in because she's currently wearing a boot and only wears one shoe.  That's called WADT commitment.

I got messages from a few other beautiful women who couldn't get pictures taken.  I feel like I should find someone who can do a really good tutorial on taking full body self portraits for WADT!  Anyone?


I'm off!  Someone (ahem, me) forgot to write her newsletter article and it's due, um, tomorrow.  Whoops.

Happy WADT!



  1. Very cute new dress! Yay for awesome moms! Love your wadt posts:-)

  2. I love reading your blog, Sarah. Give Bruce a hug for me.

  3. I just want to say that I do not believe I said "buy a dress on mom's credit card", I think you said that you wanted to buy a dress and I said do it! :-) I think you made the connection! :-)
    Cute dress though!

  4. Sorry I'm not the best at taking WADT pictures. But you edit them just enough to make it look like I am good at it. ; )

  5. Speaking as a parent, never deny the joy a parent can receive in sharing whatever gift it may be... in your case, it's a dress... I know your Mom loves you now just as much as she did before you bought the dress. Now think of the joy your Mom must have now in seeing you in that dress which was a gift from her... Just a thought...


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