Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wear a Dress Tuesday and My Failed Attempt at a Self Portrait

It's Wear a Dress Tuesday!

Before I share all of the beautiful pictures I have to share, I have to say that I used gmail's new phone feature today.  Has anyone else tried it?  Coolest.  Thing.  Ever.  I could call my parent's landline from my computer and it was free!  The only thing that concerns me is that google has said that domestic calls will be free through 2010 - so I have a feeling they will start charging in January.  Oh well - it'll be fun while it lasts.  I get terrible cell reception in my apartment - it's nice to be able to make a clear call!

Onto the fun of the day ...

I got home a lot earlier than Bruce today, so I attempted to take a self portrait that included my entire dress ...

... and I failed.  The camera is just too bulky and my arms aren't long enough.  So I pulled out my tripod and used a timer ...

Success!  I am wearing the LBD that I bought for my bachelorette party (TJ Maxx!), gold earrings and a gold bracelet to add some shine and a pair of Old Navy flip flops to give my knee a much-needed break from the heals.  It was comfortable, but fun!

I love this picture of Sara.  Carefree and beautiful!  She says - I'm wearing a diagonal striped GAP skirt, two layered Old Navy tank-tops and a loose-fitting orange hoodie. I have on brown flip-flops and a sparrow Fossil necklace that has orange ribbon woven in the silver on the chain. Oh, and of course, my AV8rs.  I love the antique-y look of the photo, too!

This was a WADT pic from a few weeks ago that Stacey had gotten a chance to passing on yet.  She was wearing a sari to dress as her favorite author (Jhumpa Lahiri).

And this is Stace's picture from today.  The part that cracks me up about this photo is her co-worker on the right corner of the shot wondering what the heck she was doing!

Kari had more luck with the self-portrait than I did!  Also - I have that shirt in black.  I think we bought them together (Lancaster outlets?).

I.  Love.  This.  Picture.  This is Kari's sister Caitlin (left) and her roommate Kaitlin (I can only imagine that gets confusing).  I love their pose, their smiles - everything.  It's everything WADT is about.

Christen's daughter, Cortlyn.  This picture - it just makes me smile, I can't help it.  She's absolutely precious!  (If you're wondering, that noise you hear is my biological clock ticking)  Christen was also in a dress, but apparently had one of those days at work and couldn't stop to get a picture!  Here's to hoping WADT helped her get through a busy day with a smile on her face. :)

My momma!  She had a graveside service this morning, so she had to pull out something darker, but said that WADT gave her an excuse to wear something cooler than a pants suit she might normally wear.  She took this in her office - I'm going to be there next week!

Oh!  Sarah texted me to wish me a happy WADT this morning - she was touring conference camping facilities today, so she opted for comfortable clothes and bug spray over a dress and heals today.

I can't say that I blame her.

Happy Wear a Dress Tuesday all!  Thanks for always making this day special!


  1. I'm so excited my sister joined the fun!!! Maybe next week she'll take her WADT picture in her new apartment! So I can see it...

  2. But that picture was taken in my new backyard! Which is pretty much just as exciting because it is HUGE and quiet and filled with green trees!

  3. It's so awesome that more and more ladies are participating in your wadt! You're starting a revolution :-)


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