Monday, June 14, 2010

The Anniversary Post With No Pictures

After our fun day of rafting on Saturday, Bruce encouraged me to sleep in on Sunday.  I was a little confused, because I thought the plan was to go to church, but who am I to turn down a lazy morning in bed?  We got up late and I finally got around to making breakfast around 11.  I told Bruce that since we were having more of a "brunch" we should go out for an early anniversary dinner (my mom offered to pay!).  He kind of stumbled over a response and changed the subject.

As I was cleaning the kitchen, Bruce was looking intently at something on his computer.  All of a sudden he piped up, "Okay, so we should both take showers soon and then we need to leave around 1:45.

Hmm ... did we have plans?  Apparently!  He made me guess for the next 15 minutes.  It was a place we were both going where I couldn't take pictures.  I could wear whatever I wanted, but he was wearing cargo shorts.  Cargo shorts?  Hmm ...

Wanna know what we did?

We got a couple's massage!

Remember when I went fishing last weekend?  Bruce promised to do "something girly" in exchange for my fishing - I had no idea it would be a massage!  He haaaaates massages - won't let me give him one (he says they hurt) and doesn't enjoy giving me them, either (apparently it hurts his hands) - so it was amazing to be able to share that with him!

After the massage I felt like I was floating - my therapist did a lot of deep tissue work in my shoulders and upper back.  It was just what I needed!

We walked downstairs into the lobby after our massage and there was another surprise waiting for me - a picnic basket!  The spa was near Piedmont Park and Bruce ordered us a package that included a picnic basket with sandwiches!  We took the basket, walked to the park and had a late lunch!  It was so much fun.

I told Bruce that I could have brought my camera and taken pictures of the picnic, but I think he liked having me all to himself - and didn't have to share me with a camera!  It was nice to just enjoy the moment.

After the picnic, we went home and watched the World Cup.  We went out for a late dinner (thanks mom!) at Front Page News and came home for dessert!

I was back at the hospital today.  It was kind of a strange day - it was really quiet until around 4 p.m. (we usually leave at 4:30) and at that point things just kind of imploded.  I stayed until 5:30 so that the OC chaplain didn't have to be in two places at once at the very beginning of her on call.  During that time I had a weird experience regarding life and death that reminded me that we really are all part of the circle of life.  I'll be able to expand later when things aren't so raw.  It was so surreal!

I have to present my verbatim tomorrow morning and then we have a didactic (educational seminar) in the afternoon.  It's crazy how quickly the days start to fly when you start thinking about all that CPE entails!

I hope you all had a great Monday!


  1. How fun! I would love to have a couple's massage, but my husband is just like yours! But how sweet of him to take you! You're one lucky gal! Happy anniversary again!

  2. what a sweetie!!!!! nice work, sarah's hubby!!

  3. Sounds like an awesome day to me!

  4. That sounds amazing and so sweet of Bruce!! Did he enjoy the massage at all? I'm glad you had such a great first anniversary and I wish you many more wonderful ones in the future!


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