Thursday, May 6, 2010

4 a.m. Feedings

Meet Lilly ... 

... okay, most of you have probably already met Lilly before, because, let's face it, when a person doesn't have children they tend to talk about their pets a lot.

Lilly is a fairly easy-going cat.  She doesn't mind being left alone during the day and loves it when we have visitors.  She hates the vacuum, but I can't imagine how horrific a loud, large vacuum cleaner must seem to a small cat.  She tends to make her presence known when I am trying to study or write a paper, but I think that is her way of making sure I am not taking myself so seriously.  People who don't generally like cats like Lilly - she's really a precious kitten.

But then there was this morning.  Ohhh, this morning.  4 a.m.  And I heard a sound.  Tap tap tap.  Tap tap tap.

Have I mentioned that Lilly also likes to knock things off of shelves, counters and desks?  My bad - Lilly also likes to knock things off of shelves, counters and desks.  She prefers to knock over glasses that have liquids in them (she gets extra pleasure when it is wine, coffee or something that is equally staining) but will settle for anything that will make noise and some kind of mess for me to clean up.

So that brings me back to this morning (at 4 a.m. - have I mentioned that yet?).  Lilly had decided it was time to eat (at 4 a.m.).  So she jumped up on the bed, swatted at both Bruce and me a couple of times and when we didn't respond appropriately (appropriately meaning promptly getting out of bed and feeding her) she decided she needed to do something more to get our attention.

Tap tap tap.  Tap tap tap.

That would be the sound of Lilly knocking everything off of my nightstand.  One by one.  A glass of water, bottle of tylenol, my phone, my iPod, mini easel (that my iPod leans up on), hair clip, pile of bobby pins and a book.  The only thing that she didn't knock over was my clock and lamp.  Both of which were probably too heavy for her to knock over.


I thought I wouldn't have to deal with 4 a.m. feedings until I had an actual child?

I'm tired.

I can't get too mad at her, though - she is so cute.

Don't you think?


  1. Hahaha my cat always did that too so I stopped leaving open water containers on my bedside table. I decided I just didn't care about everything else she knocked over, lol.

  2. I heard that birds are good pets...I'm thinking about getting one. Chance are it won't knock over everything on the night stand!


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